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Dear Wally

Dear Wally, It’s cold outside, but I don’t want to dress warmly due to fear of looking like the Michelin...


Hot and Confused

Dear Wally. I have a serious problem. I am ridiculously good looking, and I think people are jealous of me....


Obsessed and Confused

Dear Walley, I have developed an unhealthy obsession with one of my fellow classmates. He is ridiculously good looking. He’s...


Prom Maverick

Dear Wally, Recently, I planned on asking a girl, who I thought was my friend, to prom. She rejected me...


Scared to get Sick

Dear Wally, It’s flu season, and it seems like the whole world is getting sick.  People are missing school right...


Junior in a Jam

Dear Wally, As I enter the second semester of junior year, I’m starting to really think about colleges.  One thing...


Anxious Announcer

Dear Wally, I could really use some advice. I have to make a lot of announcements in school meeting for...