“Here’s Looking at you, Kid.”

“Here’s looking at you, Kid.”

This is it, my final letter from the editor.  Where did the year go?  Re-reading my initial, optimistic piece from last June, it feels like just weeks ago.  Boy, did we have ambitious plans.  Did we fulfill all of our goals?  Definitely not.  But did we make an effort to achieve all of them and also progress in areas we never imagined at the end of last year?  Absolutely.  The AffNo has a large team of enthusiastic young writers, a fully functioning and utilized website, a growing partnership with Shaw High School’s Cardinal Matters, and a highly memorable year behind us.  Most importantly, we have done our best to provide timely, interesting, informative coverage of relevant events in the Hawken community and the Cleveland area.  That’s really the fundamental role of a paper, I think, and we filled it as well this year as we ever have.

I’m a big believer in expressing appreciation, so, to also avoid getting too overly sentimental and use up space blabbering about my incredible fifteen years at Hawken that are so scarily close to ending, I’d like to take this chance to thank the outstanding AffNo team for 2012-13.  All of the editors this year have been so diligent and have really put a ton of hard work and creative thought into their section, so a huge thank you to them.   Special thanks goes to Managing Editor Laura Young who literally cut my workload in half and, when I was constantly thinking “go big” would carefully, intelligently critique articles that were far too long or needed serious revisions.  Dr. Ialacci was, as ever, a thoughtful and good-natured adviser, respectfully granting us the space and trust to run things our way while always providing plenty of good ideas.  He also gets an extra shout out for spending numerous long hours after school at layout, as do Ms. Samet and Layout Editor Sigal Landau.  Of course we all owe so much to our massive collection of writers, without whom there would be no paper.  We were very lucky this year to have an awesome turnout, and the quantity of articles really is the key reason for the unprecedented issue lengths.  With so much passion and talent on board, I know the paper will continue to thrive in the coming years.  Perhaps most importantly, I want to thank you, our readers, for the terrific support you provide the AffNo.  It’s always such a joy to walk around the school on distribution day and watch the student body analyzing the issue and commenting on the various articles and features.  I am more than a little upset that I have to miss the arrival of this final issue, but I hope the wonderful buzz is occurring as much as ever.

As planned, I’ve run out of space to get too sentimental, so I’d just like to end with a brief thank you to this school and all of its members for a truly fantastic senior year, high school experience, and decade-and-a-half.  To next year’s staff and writers, best of luck, I know you’ll be great!  As you keep pushing the boundaries, don’t forget about the fundamentals that make this paper such an integral part of the community.  To each and every Hawken student to come, here’s to our dear school, and…

“Here’s looking at you, Kid.”