Letter From the Editor

It is customary that every new Editor-in-Chief of the AffNo write his or her first “Letter From the Editor” about how they will make so many exciting changes in the next year. This letter is no different. However, rather than list the changes I hope to enact, I would rather like to ask all of you to make some changes to help the AffNo work better for you personally as well as for the entire community.

I know that in the past people have given up on the AffNo for various reasons. I have heard woeful stories from people who have stopped writing for the AffNo because they have been disappointed by miscommunication with the editors or because they simply got too busy with all their other extracurricular activities. Others have never paid attention to the AffNo in the first place, have never come to a meeting to see what the club is like, or have never taken a chance and written an article.

However, the problems for the AffNo going forward are not only confined to people’s choices to not participate in its creation, but also to some people’s choice not to use the AffNo as a source for community news and interaction. Part of this is due to the AffNo’s slow move into other types of media besides print. This is an age when many read newspapers online, watch television news, or listen to radio news programs. In this climate of electronic news, the AffNo still relies primarily on a printed version distributed every few weeks. There is an online version of the AffNo, however it is difficult to use and does not take advantage of the medium as it has the virtually the exact same content as the print version.  In order to gain readership, we have to fulfill our part of the deal and deliver a product across various media that is easily accessible and provides interesting content. We are here for you to publicize your voices and connect you with other people. Therefore we must listen to everyone in the community for feedback on what changes to make whether the changes are having an impact.

My goal for next year is to expand the reach of the AffNo to bring more people on as collaborators and consumers. I want people who have never paid attention to the AffNo to become readers, and I want people who have dismissed writing for the paper to realize that it is a great opportunity for them to learn and build a community. To do this I need people to take a chance. Pick up the newspaper, write an article, or speak with an editor about how you would like the AffNo to better provide you with the content you want.

I challenge you to get involved with the AffNo and help make it an important part of your Hawken community.

– Elf