“Under 10 Club” is Unashamed of Mediocrity

The U10 Club, short for “The Under 10 Points per Game Club,” has become a recent phenomenon around Hawken School. Under the name of the “Under 10 Club,” the varsity basketball trio of Jack Belkin, Josh Walters, and Wyatt Beck has become famous for their average basketball skills and hilarious rituals shared on Instagram, a photo and video sharing social networking service.

under 10 club

Photo by Wyatt Beck

Senior Forward Walters explains how the club originated, “One day we all decided to wear Hawaiian shirts and then we took an Instagram of it… We decided to call ourselves the under 10 club because we all have very average basketball skills and we were certain that we would not score over 10 points a game.” These players have been playing basketball for the entirety of their high school years.

Sophomore Jack Belkin says “The [Instagram] likes started to rack up, so we decided to make it an every-game thing.” Soon after, the trio began posting videos as well. The videos featured choreographed dances, rollerblading sessions, and fun facts, always accompanied by cheesy background music capable of brightening any Hawken student’s day.

Walters elaborates on the U10’s main purpose, “We started U10 to bring some joy to a very long basketball season. Once we started to grow a fan base, we knew that there were people out there looking forward to us brightening their day. It became more than a club… it became a way of life.” The U10 are a tightly knit group, and the boys assured that each member had equal contribution.

Other members of the basketball team were also involved in the production process. Junior Guard Charlie Hruby was the director of film and photography. He was also on the creative idea board which included Walters, Beck, and Belkin. Hruby says, “We would throw out ideas, bounce off each other, and that’s how we would come up with the final product you see on Instagram.” After every practice the U10 would gather and brainstorm ideas together for their next outfits and videos. Hruby says, “We all worked well together. It was a fun experience.”

Sadly, with the basketball season coming to a close and seniors Beck and Walters heading away to college, the U10 has most likely made their last Instagram videos for the time being. When asked about the future of the U10, Belkin says, “I’m not sure if it’ll be continued because I’m not sure if we could find enough basketball players with sweet enough wardrobes, who are also selfless enough to restrict themselves to under ten points per game collectively.”

From their Hawaiian shirts to wild dance moves, fun facts, and roller blades, the U10 club knew just how to draw in the fans.  Walters says he does not see another Under 10 Club forming while he and Beck are away at college. Walters says, “I see Jack as like the Paul McCartney of the Under 10 club. The rest of his band may be gone but he has the potential to make some great solo work.” One can only hope that the U10 will find its way back to the U10 clubhouse (men’s locker room) to make more hysterical videos, and maybe they’ll even pop up on ones Instagram newsfeed from time to time.