The Perfect Holiday Treat

     As we are approaching the holiday season, it is time to break out the holiday baking recipes. For

the winter time most people stick with the usual cake or cookies, but not my family. Over the

years we have created a recipe that is no bake but still tastes delicious. It is a chocolate dipped

ice cream cone and filled with chocolate covered Rice Krispies cereal. This treat is a fun way to

celebrate the holidays, without having to worry about burning something in the oven. Even if you

don’t celebrate a holiday with a Christmas tree, you can change the color of the decorations to

fit your preference.


1 pound of milk chocolate melting disks

1 box of rice cereal

1, 12 pack of ice cream cones (Sugar Cones)

1 pound of green chocolate melting disks

Paramount Crystals OR Wilton EZ Thin (Needed for the green chocolate only)

1 bag of assorted Christmas sprinkles

Waxed or Parchment paper


Fill a medium­sized pot with about an inch of water and set over a very low simmer.

Place the milk chocolate pieces in a heat­ proof bowl, over the lightly simmering water and allow

the chocolate to melt (about 5 minutes) stirring occasionally.

Remove the bowl from the heat and add 1 cup (or more) of the rice cereal.  You want the

chocolate to still be a little runny, even with the cereal in it.

     Fill the cones with the chocolate mixture to the top, using a knife to even out the cones and

place the cones on the waxed paper, point side up. Set the cones aside for an hour to allow the

chocolate inside to become firm.

     When the cones are almost firm, repeat the chocolate process this time with the green (or color

of your choice) chocolate, adding a sprinkle of the paramount crystals to the chocolate pieces

as they melt.

     Once the green chocolate is melted, hold the cone by the wide end and dip the cone into the

green chocolate.  You may want to use a knife or spoon to help completely cover the cone.

Once covered, generously cover the cone with sprinkles and place back on the waxed paper

and allow the cones to dry.