Isabella Joseph – Player Profile

Isabella, give us a quick overview. How did the season go?

I think we have successfully defended our position in the conference as underdogs with a solid record of 6-14. As a team we had our ups and downs, but we ended the season with a solid win against Berkshire on senior night.

How has Jack Green supported you through your career?

Jack has been the most supportive guy in my life. Jack is an avid member of the Hawken Jewish Basketball Team, so for him to take the time to help me train really just shows how much he cares. Every weekend we train in my driveway. We run drills, play one on one, and he times my 100 yard dash. With him in my life I have seen my athletic talents take off. His presence in the student section is, and will always be, my motivation to persevere. I just really want to take the time to dedicate all of our 6 wins to Jack Green.

How have you personally maintained both strong academic and athletic performance?

It has been really difficult to balance my basketball career and my academic career. As a senior, college scouts are constantly calling to recruit future basketball stars for their teams. However, my family and I came to the conclusion that my basketball careers must end at Hawken. This was the best option for me, as I want nothing more than academics to be my primary focus in college.

Does the team have any secret rituals before and after the games?

I am bound by a Hawken Lady Hawks contract to refrain from disclosing any information on this topic.

Mysterious! We love that! Lastly, who is your basketball idol?

Tommy fricking Dell.