Get Ready to Rave

Saturday, March 12th at 8 pm, Hawken is hosting its annual Seeds of Learning (SOL) Fundraising Dance.  SOL sends volunteers to Central America to promote “conditions for quality learning.” SOL has sent a total of some 3,600 volunteers, many of whom are Hawken students, to Central America as part of its Work Group Program. These groups go to Central America for ten days at a time, during which time they work to provide impoverished communities with better educational resources through hands-on construction work. Thanks to Hawken’s close partnership with this organization, many Hawken students are able to have amazing experiences traveling to new places.

“It was both a great trip to get to know an amazing group of people as well as work alongside local Nicaraguans to extend their school and provide a place in a small village where learning can be promoted,” says Hawken senior Meera Sehgal, who was so moved by her experience that she raised over five thousand dollars to support SOL. This summer Hawken will send another group of seventeen students to Nicaragua with SOL; seventeen more students will share an amazing experience that will positively impact Nicaraguan lives. Another trip is already being planned for next spring. In order to keep these trips happening and SOL’s vision of more accessible education alive, fundraising events like the upcoming dance are essential.

This year’s fund raising event promises to reach a new level of fun because of the presence of our own Hawken-freshman, Reid Daroff. “I’m more of a mixing-and-blending-songs DJ…I play Billboard-Top-100-type songs,” says Reid. “I started taking lessons from Machine Gun Kelly’s lighting designer. I trained for probably two years.” Now, Reid is working as a professional DJ, and his budding career is quickly picking up momentum. His agent, Brandon Gilson says “[Reid] is going to be working three events in the next month…be on the lookout.”  Reid is planning a really special performance for the dance. He’s going to “change it up a little bit” with a live MC. “Come,” the young DJ says, “and be ready to have fun.”  The dance is sure to both raise money for a wonderful cause, and provide a good time for all those who attend.