Letter from the Editor (September 2016)

Welcome to the beginning of the 2016-2017 school year. As our community enters into this year, we are confronted with a powerful combination of the familiar and the unfamiliar.  With the opening of Stirn Hall comes a countless number of new opportunities and possibilities.  As we begin to explore these unfamiliar halls, we are still greeted by the friendly faces of Hawken community members.

           Stirn Hall is an excellent metaphor for the new direction of the Affirmative No this year.  Our new building pays homage to our school’s past through its barn-like structure yet embraces the new with its modern atmosphere.  Similarly, this year, the Aff No will respect its past by continuing to produce amazing student-made content while forging ahead into the unknown.

Stylistically, the Aff No has been redesigned to have a more contemporary appearance.  However, these changes are more than skin deep.  This year our paper will be delving deeper into everything “new” within the Hawken community, Cleveland community, and the world.   We will feature articles on the revitalization of our campus, the controversial upcoming Presidential Election, and a myriad of other stories that explore changes and current issues.   The AffNo also hopes to expand our online edition this year by producing exclusive original content and increasing our visibility within the Hawken community.  We are also excited to introduce Hawken Talkin, Hawken’s new premiere podcast.  These changes reflect our ability to honor where we have been with our eyes set on the future.

The Aff No aims not only to uphold its strong tradition, but also to exceed expectations.  We are prepared to take risks and embrace change while respecting our roots.  We plan to build on our strong foundation while constantly pursuing what James A. Hawken deemed, “a higher plane of life”.