Boys Golf Update

Courtesy to Chase Williams

Courtesy of Chase Williams

Undefeated. Yes, the Boys’ Golf team hype is real. They have recently defeated both of their rivals, Perry and Kirtland, by 18 and 22 strokes respectively. They lead the CVC after winning the preseason tournament and going undefeated in their division. And, best of all, they have just become the first ever Boys’ golf team to end their season without a loss. This year’s team is led by Senior Captains, Jay Oliva and Isaac Woods, and Junior Captains, Scott Hill and Paddy Nestor. These boys are full of high hopes and excitement as the regular season comes to an end and they embark on an intense postseason journey.

           Last year, the team had improved drastically from an 0-11 record having advanced past sectionals into districts. This year, the goal, which is quite ambitious yet very possible, is to advance past districts and place high enough in districts to make states. Woods has been very happy with his team’s performance throughout the season and is a strong believer in the possibility of the team achieving their goal. He states, “We don’t lose. We always win. That is how our season has gone and if we keep it up, we can compete state wide.” Oliva, three-year letterman, shares the same views as his fellow captain. He claims that he is aware the path to states will be difficult but his team’s “confidence is sky high and has the attitude and self-belief to go to states this year.”

           Recent Harold Player of the Week and Hawken Junior Scott Hill feels that his team has improved in leadership and skill since last year and is excited about the possibility of states. He is not looking too far into the future but says that this team, “can win the CVC post[season] tournament,” which will be the first postseason tournament played.

           With the season coming to an end, there is a lot to look forward to for the Hawken Boys’ Golf team. They will face their toughest competition yet, but states’ is entirely possible. Isaac Woods lets everyone know that anything can happen when, “The golf boys are back in town and better than ever.”