Hawken Football Update

It’s been a tumultuous start this season for the Hawken football team. After losing the first 4 games, things started to look up when our boys got the W against Richmond Heights. We even made the record book for the longest TD pass in Hawken football history…and then we lost again. “Very rarely [has] that ever happened in Hawken football history, so it was very rough,” says Coach Walton as he reflects on the first four games of the season. “Part of our struggle comes from the fact that we have 24 young men on the roster,” he continues. That’s an all-time low by about 10 players so the team knew they would have their work cut out for them from the very beginning. Nonetheless, boys have set some big goals both on and off the field. “We set our sights on expecting to win every Friday night…that’s how you judge it right there, by whether you win or lose on a Friday night,” coach says. Evidently, our players have reached a few obstacles in the way of this goal, but that’s no reason for them to give up. As us Hawks do, our football team gets right back up after they fall.  They’re still working hard and they’re still pushing to get the W every Friday night. In football, winning is important, but our boys apart boys have something no other high school team out there has. Our players have what we call “attitudes of the hawk.” The attitudes of the hawk consist of about 11 characteristics that our football program strives to achieve every day. These characteristics include being disciplined, selfless, and accepting criticism. “Those things are not as easy to identify as a win-loss record on a Friday night,” Coach Walton remarks. “Sometimes it happens during the season and sometimes it develops over the course of a few years,” he states.  The attitudes of the hawk extend both on and off the field and are expected from all our guys. What makes our football team special is that our players are people who care about their teammates and work every day to achieve their goals and help the other players to reach their goals as well. “It’s difficult to look outside [your bubble] and say ‘how’s it going for you? How can I help you?’” coach explains. Our team is working towards having this selfless attitude this season as well as earning as many wins as possible. As a part of the Hawken community, it’s our job to always support our football guys. We’re always super happy when they win a game, but it’s our responsibility to lift them up when they don’t have success. Coach Walton claims that “every week is like a new beginning.” Every week the football team goes out there and expects to win even though sometimes it’s “easier to say and harder to believe in.” Through these tough times when all hope is lost “we all need somebody to believe in us, we need something to believe in, and we need groups to belong to.” This season, as our football team strives to achieve greatness, let’s support them when it’s hard to believe and be really happy when they succeed (there has got to be some wins in the near future). Even though we had a rough start to the season, I know the team can turn it around and accomplish some really great things. Let’s go Hawks!