About Us

The Affirmative No is the newspaper of the Hawken School community.  Affectionately known as”the AffNo,” the newspaper is published at the Hawken Upper School around fourteen times a year, and published on-line at https://affno.hawken.edu/.  Staff members for the 2016-17 academic year are:

Cassandra Knaggs, Editor-in-Chief

Joanna Sherman, Managing Editor

Haleigh Gundy News Editor

Daysha Randelson, Commentary Editor

Katie Sewell, Arts & Culture Editor

Liza Namy, Sports Editor

Bailey Hagedorn, Online Editor

Phillip Hedayatnia, Website Designer

Dr. Michael Ialacci, Faculty Advisor

Any comments, ideas, or letters to the editor?  Please send them to affno@hawken.edu.  Thanks!